​Welcome to AASHTO's Special Committee on Transportation Security and Emergency Management


Chair: Brian Ness, Director, Idaho Transportation Department

Vice Chair: Chuck Runyon, Executive Assistant, West Virginia Department of Transportation

Secretary: Daniel Ferezan, Program Manager for Transportation Security, FHWA

AASHTO Staff Liaison: Gummada Murthy, Associate Program Director for Operations

SCOTSEM's Mission:

Be the voice and leader for state DOTs in developing an all hazards approach to transportation security and emergency management among all modes through partnerships with AASHTO, its members, other agencies and professional organizations on security and emergency management advocacy, research program implementation, policy development, and training and awareness.

Roles of Transportation in Homeland Security

Article examining the roles that transportation agencies are developing to help prevent, prepare for, respond to and recover from serious incidents. (Overview of DOT Roles.doc)


Other News

Pennsylvania DOT Releases 2011/12 Winter Services Guide
PennDOT recently released its 2011/12 Winter Services Guide. The guide provides gives customers an inside look at how PennDOT keeps highways clear of snow and ice during winter and provides practical advice for staying safe during winter storms. You can see the guide here.
Emergency Preparedness
The U.S. Geological Survey will host the eighth annual Earthquake Insight Field Trip. This one-day outreach event will occur April 10 starting in Memphis, Tennessee. Field-trip participants will learn about the earthquake history of the central United States and current exposures to earthquake hazards in this area. View the full story in the March 2 AASHTO Journal.