​​SCOTSEM Research Activities

The skill-sets, knowledge, technology, and management practices that comprise a robust all-hazards security and emergency management program are still being defined by DOTs. In this environment, research plays an essential role in helping agencies create effective programs. On topics ranging from how to design blast resistant structures to supporting emergency traffic operations, research gives DOTs access to technical reports that describe state-of-the-art knowledge; to manuals and guidebooks that help them implement new organizational structures and procedures; and to briefing papers that can help senior managers and leadership understand emerging issues. In short, research is one of the building blocks for any DOTs all hazards security and emergency management program.

The National Cooperative Highway Research Programs 20-59 research series (NCHRP 20-59) and its sister Cooperative Research Programs including the Transit Cooperative Research Program (TCRP), Transit IDEA; legal studies; international studies; Airport CRP; Hazardous Materials CRP; National Cooperative Freight Research Program; and the Commercial Truck and Bus Safety Synthesis Program comprise the nation's principal source of DOT-focused all-hazards transportation security and emergency management research. Since September 11, 2001, 169 security-, emergency management-, and infrastructure protection-related planning and implementation projects have been initiated through programs managed by TRB.   One hundred thirty-nine of these projects have been completed; 19 projects are in progress; and 11 projects have contracts pending or are currently in development.

Visit TRB’s Security and Emergencies website​ to find links to TRB security-related publications, resources, and highlights of selected transportation security research-related activities taking place in the United States and other countries.

TRB ​Cooperatvie Research Programs: Security, Emergency Management, and Infrastructure Protection Research Status Report - September 2015 
Cooperative Research Programs--Security Research Status Report (update for September 2015).pdf
This report, updated monthly, provides information on about $24 million worth of completed and ongoing TRB security research. The report includes information on research that is formally coordinated between the Transit Cooperative Research Program and National Cooperative Highway Research Program.  The report also highlights security-related projects developed under TRB’s Airport Cooperative Research Program, Hazardous Materials Cooperative Research Program, Transit Innovations Deserving Exploratory Analysis Program, National Cooperative Freight Research Program, Legal Research Program, and Commercial Truck and Bus Safety Synthesis Program.

PPT Presentation: TRB and Resilience (September​ 2015)
TRB Resilience (update for September 2015).pdf
This presentation provides the definition and context of relisience, an introduction to TRB, an overview of TRB work in relisience, and a catalog of completed work and work in progress.

2011 All-Hazards Security and Emergency Management Research Implementation Plan

This report draws on the growing list of completed Cooperative Research Program (CRP)-sponsored research products to identify selected research results that merit special deployment efforts among the transportation practitioner community and their partners in the fields of emergency management and infrastructure security. (Summary of Research Implementation Plan)

2002 'Baltimore Forum' Research Statements (PDF - 41K)

These research statements were the top priorities of a forum of State transportation agencies in Baltimore in April 2002. The research priority list is based on a synthesis of information gathered from a joint AASHTO/TRB survey (November 2001) and a follow-up telephone survey (February 2002).