The National Coorperative Highway Research Program in cooperation with the AASHTO Special Committee on Transportation Security has provided funding for state transportation organizations to receive FREE System Security Awareness for Transportation Employees training. The funding is provided to meet the need for basic awareness training on security and terrorism. Front-line transportation department employees and their supervisors are positioned to be the “eyes and ears” of the community. They are often the most effective means for preventing and responding to security related incidents.

In order to effectively observe and report suspicious activity or security incidents, this training gives employees the basic tools and knowledge regarding where to look, what to look for, and what to report.

The objectives of the course are to provide employees with the skills and knowledge to:

  • Define their roles and responsibilities in transportation system security
  • Recognize suspicious activities and objects
  • Observe and report relevant information
  • Minimize harm to themselves and others

To accomplish these goals, the course integrates lecture, visual aids, participant interaction, and small-group exercises.

The course was developed by NTI in collaboration with the AASHTO Special Committee on Transportation Security, the Washington State Department of Transportation, and the New York State Department of Transportation.

Thus far, NTI has provided this training to state DOTs in New York, Florida, Missouri, Iowa, New Jersey, Maryland, Kentucky, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Texas. The agencies can customize the course for their employees or provide the training as is. For example, this course is an integral part of the Homeland Security Training that Texas DOT is delivering to its 15,000 employees.

DELIVERY OPTIONS : NTI will provide the instructor and student materials free of charge under the NCHRP grant funding. The requesting organization must provide the location and audio-visual equipment. The course can be delivered directly to the target audience by NTI instructors or as a train-the-trainer session. Participants in a train-the-trainer delivery will receive an Instructor’s Package containing everything that is needed to implement the training for employees at their agency. The minimum class size is approximately 20. To schedule a FREE session, simply complete the attached Course Request Form. The course runs 3-4 hours for a direct delivery and 6 hours for a train-the-trainer.

For more information, please contact Renee Haider via email or phone as listed below. I urge you to take advantage of this unique FREE training opportunity.

Renee Haider
Phone: (732) 932-1700 ext. 223

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