The complete document is available at SCOTSEM Communication Plan V3.5.pdf


Purpose and Construct of the Plan and Calendar

The purpose of this plan is to provide the SCOTSEM community a mechanism to create AWARENESS, DESIRE, KNOWLEDGE, ACTION and REINFORCEMENT of the emerging trends and introduce new tools available for them to carry out their mission. The items included in the calendar support and reinforce EDUCATION, OUTREACH and COORDINATION goals established in the 2015-2018 4th Generation Strategic Plan.

The communications plan is constructed to provide five layers of activities for SCOTSEM members and their agency partners.

The layers include:

1. ANNUAL MEETINGS AND NATIONAL SUMMITS providing an opportunity for SCOTSEM members to establish new directions understand emerging trends; provide peer-to-peer exchanges, and participate in professional workshop experiences.

2. A SCHEDULE OF TECHNICAL WEBINARS designed to provide awareness and education on the latest security, emergency management and infrastructure protection guidance available to DOTs and other agencies.


        a. Regional Working Groups to discuss current issues of regional concern (e.g., hurricane evacuation coordination, winter storm mobilization)

        b. Technical Working Groups to discuss issues of national concern (e.g., research needs,

        c. SCOTSEM Leadership Team to discuss issues related to strategic and operational matters facing SCOTSEM

4. NEWSFEEDS highlighting recently concluded and upcoming events, reports, and other newsworthy items. Accomplished using AASHTO, TRB and NOCoE Websites.

5. NOCoE DISCUSSION FORUMS providing support for SCOTSEM members to conduct real-time information sharing around issues of concern to Forum members.