Bridge and Tunnel Security

Protecting America's Roads, Bridges, and Tunnels: The Role of State DOTs in Homeland Security (PDF - 1.2M)

AASHTO brochure providing an overview of the vital role that State DOTs - builders and operators of the nation's busiest roads, tunnels, and bridges - often play when emergency situations occur: why the security of our roads, bridges, and tunnels is important, what DOTs are doing to improve it, and the keys to better partnership.

Protecting America’s Roads, Bridges, & Tunnels; AASHTO (PDF - 566K)

AASHTO slideshow on the role of State DOTs in homeland security

Recommendations for Bridge and Tunnel Security; FHWA (PDF - 712K)

The Blue Ribbon Panel on Bridge and Tunnel Security was formed from renowned engineering experts who generously contributed their time, without compensation, to guide government leaders, infrastructure owners, and the engineering community on how to improve the security of bridges and tunnels. Infrastructure owners are faced with new and largely unexpected challenges to provide physical security against terrorists’ attacks on their critical structures. The panel’s initiative and collective wisdom reflected in this report will help America meet these challenges. View this report as HTML »

Blast Resistant Highway Bridges: Design and Detailing Guidelines; NCHRP

Design guidance for improving the structural performance of bridges in response to explosive loads. Based on the results of experimental and analytical research, blast-resistant design guidelines are described using the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) Load and Resistance Factor Design format that is familiar to bridge engineers.

Making Transportation Tunnels Safe and Secure; TCRP

A set of safety and security guidelines for transportation tunnel owners and operators on how to protect their tunnels. The report examines principal hazards and threats to tunnel security; tunnel elements and vulnerabilities; countermeasures; and integrated systems for emergency-related command, control, communications

Application of Transit ITS for Security and Emergency Response at the Chicago Transit Authority (PDF - 186K)

From the 2002 ITS World Congress.