​​​​2015 Special Committee on Transportation Security and Emergency Management

The 2015 SCOTSEM Annual Meeting "ONE DOT" was held in Berkley, California, August 10-14, 2015. A map was on display at the meeting, which allowed attendees to post their business cards. A scan of these business cards is available in PDF at the bottom of this page.

This five-day event brought AASHTO members together in a broad-based forum on emergency management principles and infrastructure protection. The complete 2015 Annual Meeting Report can be found here.

A webinar was held on June 9, 2015, which provided more information about the upcoming SCOTSEM Annual Meeting and update on recent SCOTSEM activities. A recording of the webinar and a link of the slides are available below. Please note that the slides for NASTO are updated in the PDF.
Select Presentations from the SCOTSEM Annual Meeting are available below.






Business Cards