Transportation Hazards & Security Summit 2009: Progress Through Partnerships

Joint Summer Meeting of TRB Committee on Critical Transportation Infrastructure Protection (ABE40); AASHTO Special Committee on Transportation Security and Emergency Management (SCOTSEM); AASHTO Special Committee on Wireless Communications Technology (SCOWCoT); and NCHRP Project Panel 20-59, Surface Transportation Security Research (NCHRP 20-59)

National Academies Beckman Conference Center, Irvine CA

August 24-27, 2009

Agenda: 2009 SCOTSEM Agenda.pdf


Overview of All-Hazards Transportation Security and Emergency Management, Stephan Parker, National Academies (1_allhazards_transportation_security_and_emergency_management.wmv)

ABE40 TRB Critical Transportation Infrastructure Committee, Jeff Western (2_abe40_trb_critical_transportation_infrastructure_committee_welcome_transportation_partners.pdf)

Special Committee on Wireless Communications Technologies, Bill Brown, Chair, AASHTO Special Committee on Wireless Communications Technology (3_special_committee_on_wireless_communications_technologies,_bill_brown.pdf)

AASHTO Overview, Tony Kane, Director of Engineering and Technical Services, American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) (4_aashto_overview.pdf)

TRB Overview, Joedy Cambridge, Marine Board Staff Director, Transportation Research Board (TRB) (5_trb_overview.pdf)

Emerging Issues at the Department of Transportation, Mike Lowder, Director, USDOT Office of Intelligence, Security and Response (6_emerging_issues_at_the_department_of_transportation.pdf)

Bridge and Tunnel Security, Bill Arrington, TSA Highway and Motor Carrier Division (7_bridges_and_tunnel_security.pdf)

CAPTA Methodology Key Features, Michael C. Smith, Science Applications International Corporation (8_elevating_transit_security_multifaceted_strategy_and_initiatives.pdf)

Impact of Federal Requirements on State DOTs, Mike Miles, Caltrans (9_impact_of_federal_requirements_on_state_dots.pdf)

National Guard Capabilities for Domestic Training and Collaboration, Lieutenant Colonel Gregory A. Pickell, National Guard Bureau (10_national_guard_capabilities_for_domestic_training_and_collaboration.pdf)

Emergency Management Roundtable Discussion: Evacuation Planning, Laurie Radow, FHWA Office of Transportation Operations (11_emergency_management_roundtable_discussion_evacuation_planning.pdf)

What are the Implications of the NRF/NIMS for State DOTs? Bryan Smith, Idaho Transportation Department (12_what_are_the_implications_of_the_nrf_&_nims_for_state_dots.pdf)

Defining, Reaching and Locating Vulnerable Populations Before, During and After an Emergency: A Transportation and Emergency Management Toolkit (13_defining_reaching_and_locating_vulnerable_populations_before,_during_and_after_an_emergency.pdf)

Communications Interoperability Within State, Bill Brown, Chair, AASHTO Special Committee on Wireless Communications Technology (14_communications_interoperability_within_state_inter_agency.pdf)

Interoperability- The Role of the Public Safety Spectrum Trust, Bill Brownlow, Public Safety Spectrum Trust (16_interoperability_the_role_of_the_public_safety_spectrum_trust.pdf)

AT&T Perspective - Role of Commercial Carriers, Steve Klein, AT&T (17_at&t_perspective_role_of_commercial_carriers.pdf)

Transportation Security Administration (TSA), Andrew Peternith, Transportation Security Specialist (18_transportation_security_administration_(tsa).pdf)

U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT), Vince Pearce, National Response Program Manager (19_u.s._department_of_transportation_(usdot).pdf)

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Alexander R. Mrazik, Jr., FEMA (20_federal_emergency_management_agency_(fema).pdf)

Intermodal Security Training Exercise Program (I-STEP), Paul Pitzer, Branch Chief, Policy and Plans, Highway and Motor Carrier Division, TSA (21_intermodal_security_training_exercise_program_(istep).pdf)

Rail; Patrick Brady, BNSF Railway (1_rail.pdf)

Air Cargo; Dave Cardenas, Los Angeles World Airports, Terminal Operations Emergency Planning (2_air_cargo.pdf)

Marine; LTJG Christopher Kimrey, Training Officer, US Coast Guard Pacific Strike Team (3_marine.pdf)

Trucking; John Conley, National Tank Truck Carriers, Inc. (4_trucking.pdf)

METRO - Supporting Houston, Dennis Ribeiro, Emergency Management Coordinator, Houston Department of Public Safety, Metropolitan Transit Authority, Houston, Texas (5_metro_supporting_houstons_regional_evacuation.pdf)

Public Transit Emergency Management, Greg Hull, American Public Transportation Association (6_public_transit_emergency_management.pdf)

Federal Transit Administration (FTA) System Safety Oversight, Mike Flanigon, Director, Office of Safety and Security, FTA (7_federal_transit_administration_(fta)_system_safety_oversight.pdf)

Elevating Transit Security - Multi-Faceted Strategy and Initiatives, Bill Woodward, Assistant Deputy General Manager, Western U.S., Transportation Security Network Management (8_elevating_transit_security_multifaceted_strategy_and_initiatives.pdf)

A Risk-based Approach to Supply Chain Security: A United States Perspective; Mark Torbeck on behalf of Sean Moon, DHS Office of Cargo, Maritime, and Trade Policy (9_a_riskbased_approach_to_supply_chain_security_a_united_states_perspective.pdf)

US Coast Guard Overview; LT Paul Green, US Coast Guard (10_us_coast_guard_overview.pdf)

Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC); John Schwartz, TSA (11_transportation_worker_identification_credential_(twic).pdf)

Resiliency Planning - Port Security Emphasis; Tom Wakeman, Executive Director, National Center for Secure and Resilient Maritime Commerce and Coastal Environments (12_resiliency_planning_port_security_emphasis.pdf)

Cargo Policy; Dave Thomas, DHS Air Cargo Division (13_cargo_policy.pdf)

Quarantine Facilities for Arriving Air Travelers; Hollis Stambaugh, Center for Public Protection, TriData, division of System Planning Corporation (14_quarantine_facilities_for_arriving_air_travelers.pdf)